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Canusia was established in 2011 with a deep passion for education and a commitment to excellence. Our name signifies the diverse origins of our three founders, who hail from Canada, Asia, and the United States. Our suite of management tools for dual enrollment programs is expertly crafted by industry professionals, for industry professionals, with a focus on streamlining administrative tasks, fostering communication, and delivering actionable insights to improve program outcomes.

Our team is comprised of seasoned educators, administrators and technologists, guided by the vision of our co-founder Jerry, a former director at Syracuse University who recognized the need for comprehensive software in this space. Our talented system architect and current president, Avi, plays a critical role in developing and refining our software to ensure it meets the evolving needs of the educational community.

At Canusia, we believe that equipping schools and students with the right resources and support unlocks the full potential of dual enrollment programs and empowers educational institutions to focus on cultivating a collaborative learning environment that drives success. Our user-friendly software and comprehensive solutions are designed to revolutionize dual enrollment management and create new opportunities for student achievement. Join us as we transform the future of education, one dual enrollment program at a time.

Avi Kadaji, Canusia President

"We take our decades of combined experience in this niche industry and apply it at every turn to the Canusia product."
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