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Canusia is the all-in-one solution that revolutionizes dual and concurrent programs for long-term success by simplifying and streamlining everyday systems while meeting all industry accreditation standards (NACEP).  Whether you're a student, teacher, administrator or faculty member, Canusia offers a rich, simple and fulfilled experience at each touchpoint.


Dual and concurrent enrollment programs have historically been analog, time consuming and burdensome. By giving these process a digital home, Canusia provides users with a simple, intuitive system that allows Concurrent Program Directors and IT Administrators to meet the needs of their target audiences.


Canusia empowers you to achieve your goals with ease - no matter what they are. As the industry leader in this space with decades of experience, we know what it takes to solve the problem that you and your users experience while simultaneously meeting their unique needs and helping you succeed.

"Canusia has been a game-changer for our Concurrent Enrollment Department at Snow College."

- Snow College
Online Teaching


At Canusia, our team is dedicated to making end-to-end management easier for program directors and IT administrators at the university and college level. We provide multiple audience groups with a rich experience through our industry-leading solutions that are powerful, yet easy to use. With our innovative features, we help our partners achieve their goals, streamline their processes and free up time to focus elsewhere.



Online Registration

No more submitting multiple forms and paperwork for course registration, details, agreements and parent consent. Our customizable, user-friendly platform streamlines the process with a one-stop solution. Students can easily upload supporting documents such as transcripts and test scores, while parents can rest easy knowing their child's information is secure. With a robust course search, you can explore classes offered in high school, CTE centers and even on-campus. Our platform also features built-in form validation, including real-time address verification and duplicate account checks, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors.

Academic Planning Pathways

Through the Canusia Pathways tool, students are able to customize and manage their degree journey, including automatic course additions. Students can easily see what additional courses they need for completion and effectively plan out semesters in advance.

Simple and Easy Payment

Canusia offers a simple online payment platform where parents can securely pay for their student's courses without going to a different site. Our program offers secure payment processing, ensuring that both the school and the families who use it are protected. Additionally, our platform supports tuition payment calculation based on various factors, such as student scholarships, lab fees and school district discounts/funds, providing an easy and efficient way to manage costs.

Enhanced Communication

Canusia deploys a robust communication experience for students and parents with customizable options to receive notifications through various channels such as email or text message. Additionally, it streamlines the process with automated messaging, allowing routine notifications to be sent automatically without requiring manual input.


Syllabus Management

High school teams can easily view and upload the course syllabus and assessments, ensuring effective communication and clear structure for their program. Canusia also allows teachers to input class period times, which helps college faculty plan school visits and keep the class schedule organized. With a streamlined approach to syllabus management, teachers can focus on delivering high-quality education and engaging with their students.

Grading, Simplified.

Don't let grading deadlines bring out the stress. Streamline course grading as Canusia allows teachers to set a grading window as needed, enter custom messages when the grading period is closed and select a list of letter grades to see. 

Roster Verification

Canusia allows teachers to view all students in their class and track their application status in real-time. In addition, they can download official rosters and verify them during the verification period, as well as notify program staff of any necessary changes.

Professional Development

Align with NACEP accreditation requirements or HLC/Middle States requirements and easily track teacher certification and credentials. Say goodbye to the headache of event registration and attendance management - Canusia does it all for you. You'll receive attendance confirmation via email and a downloadable PDF confirmation document without any extra effort.

New Teacher Application

With just a few clicks, prospective teachers can securely submit their application, upload transcripts and request recommendation letters, all while tracking their progress. Plus, the system automatically notifies them of any incomplete sections so they can stay on top of their application.


Course Resources

With Canusia, faculty members can easily upload and share their course syllabus and other resources with high school teachers, saving them time and effort by maximizing collaboration.

Access Teacher Information

Faculty get an eagle-eye view of courses with Canusia's teacher information management system. With just a few clicks, you can easily see all the information for the teachers you oversee, including their class sections, rosters, grades and more.

Site Visits & Reports

Canusia allows teachers to view all students in their class and track their application status in real-time. In addition, they can download official rosters and verify them during the verification period, as well as notify program staff of any necessary changes.


Industry-Leading Partnerships

Canusia integrates seamlessly with all widely used SIS platforms like PeopleSoft, Banner, Colleague, Jenzabar, and WorkDay, ensuring a smooth user experience. With real-time integration or scheduled data transfer through REST APIs, Flat Files or Message Brokering services, Canusia makes it easy to transfer data between systems, saving time and reducing errors.

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