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Amplifying the Student Experience with Canusia

The Canusia platform Canusia's Voyager platform revolutionizes Concurrent and Dual Enrollment management, as exemplified by Hudson Valley Community College's seamless transition, streamlining processes, and enhancing the student experience.

Hudson Valley Community College:
A Case Study in Success

Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) recently transitioned to the Canusia platform, bringing significant improvements in efficiency and student experience under the “Voyager” name.
In four short months, HVCC transitioned from a fully manual management system to serving over 7,100 total students - online and in high schools - through the Voyager system.

Meeting the modern needs for partners, Canusia has helped revolutionize the way HVCC manages their concurrent and dual enrollment programs, empowering each user - whether a student, administrator or guidance counselor - to maximize their potential.  

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Streamlining Registration Processes
Before adopting Voyager, HVCC's registration process was entirely paper-based, involving manual distribution and collection of forms, and tedious data entry by the Registrar’s office. This included meeting in parking lots to collect paperwork. Voyager has revolutionized this process by digitizing and streamlining the entire registration workflow, saving time and reducing errors. This has allowed staff to focus more on supporting students rather than administrative tasks.

Enhanced Communication and Efficiency
With Voyager, HVCC has seen improved communication and efficiency across their programs. The platform allows high school teachers and administrators to manage syllabi, grading, and student rosters more effectively. College faculty benefit from streamlined access to course resources and teacher information, ensuring better collaboration and support.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
As a Banner client, HVCC required seamless integration between Voyager and their existing systems. Canusia’s platform, using Ethos, enabled smooth data sharing between Voyager and Banner. This integration has ensured data accuracy and consistency, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

What They're Saying

The system is flexible, customizable to fit individual institution needs and it was immediately evident how user friendly Canusia is from the student user side. We had prepared a step-by-step tutorial for our visits, but the students were steps ahead before we even handed out the tutorials! It has also been very well received by our high school contacts. They can easily view their students and follow up on any that have not completed the registration process. 
In addition to a full roll out with our partner schools for the application and registration modules, we plan to roll Canusia out with our high school teachers this fall as well as using the faculty module for review of new instructors as well as tracking of site visits. 

Deb Shoemaker

Associate Dean, Educational Partnerships

Hudson Valley Community College

The Power of Canusia

Streamlined Enrollment Process

Enhance student enrollment experiences with Canusia's platform, revolutionizing traditional paper-based processes to digital workflows, saving time, reducing errors, and improving staff-student interactions.

Personalized Academic Journey

The Canusia platform offers a customizable, user-friendly interface that adapts to individual institution needs, empowering students to navigate their academic path with ease and efficiency.

Seamless Integration and Data Accuracy

Ensure data accuracy and consistency with Canusia's seamless integration between existing systems, such as Banner, enabling institutions to enhance operational efficiency and focus more on supporting students.

Canusia: A NACEP Cornerstone Partner

Image by John Schnobrich

As a NACEP Cornerstone Partner, Canusia is deeply committed to enhancing the student experience. We focus on several key themes, including:

  • Accreditation and Program Quality

  • Advising

  • Career Pathways

  • Equity

  • Policy and Advocacy

  • Program Operation and Innovation

  • Research, Data, and Program Evaluation.

  • Student Experience

Our dedication to Concurrent and Dual Enrollment is evident in providing robust functionality, time-saving processes and rewarding experiences for those we serve.


Let's Work Together.

Do you think Canusia is the right solution for you or want to learn more? Drop us a note and we look forward to hearing from you.

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